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Job Coach Service Programme

As part of the Supported Employment Programme, the Social Welfare Department has developed a Job Coach Service Subsidy Allowance

  1. Employers who wish to employ PWD with Job Coach support may apply for Job Coach Service Allowance through Job Coach Network Malaysia.
  2. This programme provides subsidy for up to RM900 for each case. Job Coach will be subsidized RM15 per hour for up to a total of 60 hours.
  3. Employers are required to cooperate with Job Coach in applying the necessary approaches of Supported Employment to ensure that effective support is given to PWD.
  4. The Job Coach will train an employee within the company that is assigned by the employer to eventually support the employee with disability using the recommended systematic approaches as according to the needs of each individual.
  5. When the employee within the company is trained, a Natural Support is created. The Job Coach is then ready to fade out in supporting the PWD. However, the Job Coach will continue to keep in touch and will be available to support when necessary.

Job Coach Service Allowance Application Procedure
In order for Job Coach to make claim from Job Coach Network Malaysia for providing Job Coach service, they need approval from company on the supporting role of Job Coach to the person with disability and the company. The company needs to agree with the application of the Job Coach Service Allowance.

Application Procedure:

  1. Company to agree and endorse the application of Job Coach Service Allowance. 
  2. Job Coach to fill in the Claim Form or Kenyataan Tuntutan Job Coach on every support visit at the OKU's work place. Employer/appointed supervisor of the company has to certify the number of hours of service provided by Job Coach.
  3. Job Coach submits Job Coach Allowance Application Form (Borang Perkhidmatan Job Coach), Completion Report (Laporan Job Coach) together with Claim Form to Job Coach Network Malaysia for payment (via email or post).
  4. Job Coach Network Malaysia will make payment to the organization of the appointed Job Coach.
  1. Program Perkhidmatan Job Coach
  2. Borang Elaun Perkhidmatan Job Coach
  3. Borang Kenyataan Tuntutan Job Coach
  4. Borang Laporan Job Coach

Employers are also eligible to claim cost incurred in engaging Job Coach Services for employee with disabilities from the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) under the SBL Scheme.

See: “Financial Assistance for Training for Persons with Disabilities or Job Coach” (you can download this circular from www.hrdf.com.my, go to “circular”, then find “Employers Circular No. 3/2010”)

Other useful information:
Employers are entitled to claim double income tax deduction and other deductions
see: Income Tax Act 1967, P.U. (A) 73/1982, 61/1992, and sub-section 34(6) (e & n)
Employees with disabilities earning less than RM 1,200 per month are entitled to receive an allowance (Elaun Pekerja Cacat: EPC) of RM 300.00 per month from the Department of Social Welfare

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